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Unlocking Africa’s creative economy


Our client

Netflix is an OTT (Over-the-Top) entertainment streaming platform, operational in Africa since 2016.  Beyond operating the platform as a service, Netflix has significantly grown its production operations in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya to produce original African content.

The client’s mission

Our client’s mission is to bring African content and culture to the world. Its pursuit of creative excellence means it is committed to sustaining significant economic injections into the creative industries where it operates. Since entering the region in 2016, it has witnessed the positive effects of its investments in African films, TV series, documentaries, and reality shows across the value chain – from cast and crew, to teams in adjacent sectors like construction, transportation, costume and design, catering, retail and hospitality. Beyond this, Netflix has also made direct investments in training, capacity-building and skills development, benefiting hundreds of creatives.

Netflix commissioned Africa Practice to validate the indications that investing all along the value chain of the film and TV sector yields not just financial returns for all involved, but advances developmental gains as well.

Our support

Africa Practice designed a unique study that investigated and evidenced Netflix’s socio-economic impact in sub-Saharan Africa in three key markets – South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Through a combination of economic modelling, qualitative deep-dive interviews, market research, and powerful storytelling, we created a compelling and highly analytical impact report covering the client’s value chain.

Our support to Netflix included:

  • Socio-economic impact reporting
  • Impact storytelling and visualisation 
  • Socio-economic impact scenarios and pathways 
  • Primary data strategy, collection and analysis 
  • Survey design – written and visual 
  • Key informant interview and focus group administration
  • Advocacy proof point development

The results

Our research showed that Netflix’s investments in storytellers and production partners went beyond providing them with a steady stream of income and access to global markets. It also created crucial jobs and opportunities for the company to transfer knowledge, build skills and contribute economically and socially to the growth of domestic screen sectors in the region.

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