Africa Practice
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Defending corporate value at stake

A leading global FMCG company found itself at a critical juncture; previously unregulated areas of operation were increasingly subject to stringent fiscal, health and environmental policies motivated by consumer activism, international trends and domestic fiscal pressures. Its business across three-dozen countries in Southern, East and West Africa was affected. Concurrently the client sought to transition from the position of a single-brand association to a nutrition solution in order to strengthen its credibility in regulatory engagement.

We delivered real-time intelligence and analysis to inform the client of proposed changes to regulation, enabling them to engage in discussions and consultation before regulatory decisions were taken. Using our market intelligence and intimate understanding of the stakeholder environments we developed government affairs solutions including direct advocacy, coalition-building and operational solutions rooted in the client’s business model.

The client’s leadership team is now informed and empowered to develop long-term risk mitigation strategies that deliver meaningful value to the company, consumers and their host governments. This has enabled the company to move from a reactive to a proactive stance, becoming more resilient and more agile in defending corporate value at stake.