Africa Practice

Enabling the growth of Africa’s digital economy

Interoperability – the ability for computer systems and software to exchange and make use of information – is key to reaping the full benefits of the digital economy. To ensure broad acceptance of a specific digital language developed by a corporation, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) needs to standardise the language and ensure its neutrality. Our client, a leading global technology company, had developed a new digital language and needed to secure the ISO standard. Our mandate was to ensure the African countries represented in the relevant ISO committee understood the merits of the language and could take an informed position.

Africa Practice conducted an advocacy campaign across multiple countries, identifying relevant stakeholders in each country to open up a national dialogue on the importance of interoperability for the development of locally relevant digital solutions. We organised training workshops for local developers to demonstrate the value of the language and engaged the national standards body in each country to explain the importance of their participation in the ISO vote.

Africa Practice assisted in securing the participation of all 7 African members of the ISO technical committee, delivering 5 positive and 2 neutral votes, which proved crucial in obtaining the ISO standard for the language.