Africa Practice

How did we accelerate collective efforts to end conflicts and crises in Africa?

Our Mission

As part of its Agenda 2063 framework, the AU Heads of State and Government adopted the Silencing the Guns initiative to end all conflicts in Africa by 2020. We drove an ambitious peace and integration campaign as a rallying cry and united response to end all violence and the damage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic on Africa’s most vulnerable communities. 

Engaging a broad cross-section of society: member states, civil society organisations (CSOs), industry and the media – we set out to create conducive conditions for development through stronger integration by assembling a coalition of community activists, artists, victims of war, academics, business leaders and African youth, collaborating to promote peace.


Our Action

Calling upon Africa to unite, Africa Practice developed and implemented a multi-channel campaign designed to create spaces for dialogue. Our Strategic Communications & Advocacy team produced a range of digital content, including press releases, key messages, a documentary and television series, and an animated film visualising a call-to-action, uniting African citizens for peace. The centrepiece of the campaign was a “Pledge for Peace” film, presented in four versions, powerfully narrated by African talent, including singer Niniola; actress Folu Storms; musician Zoë Modiga and peace campaigner Emmanuel Jal.

Watch the Pledge for Peace Film by Niniola


Our Impact

The campaign results included 1,025 media stories in English, French, and Arabic in leading print, online and broadcast outlets, reaching international and local audiences across the continent. Generating an online buzz, the Pledge for Peace film reached over 20 million views, going viral across the continent soon after its initial release. Further, our co-production, Voices for Peace, which bears testimonials and success stories of peace advocates, aired in 32 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to mobilising communities through virtual events and online content, we focused on partnerships and collaboration with youth and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) active across the continent to rally their support and encourage joint mitigation measures towards Silencing the Guns in Africa.

Stressing the importance of involving grassroots organisations and African citizens in tackling the root causes of conflict, the AU unanimously agreed to extend the Silencing the Guns initiative’s efforts to end hostilities for another ten years.

The fight to end all violence is not yet won, “we need every African citizen to galvanise to make peace a reality; peace is you”, said Emmanuel Jal.

Additional Pledge for Peace Films