Africa Practice


Our Mission

Africa Practice was approached by the largest investor in Kenya’s mining sector, to provide the company with strategic communications support and to advise on stakeholder engagement strategies. 

The client was seeking changes to mining regulations in order to make a large-scale investment. Given Kenya’s limited experience with major mining projects, coupled with sensitivities around land ownership and a vocal civil society, the client was exposed to a number of reputational and regulatory risks.

Our Action

Africa Practice worked to promote a greater understanding of the mining life cycle among local stakeholders, paving the way for regulatory changes. We also worked to enhance the client’s reputation at local and national levels, and helped our client to avoid the pitfalls associated with two general elections.

All the work was managed on our InGauge Stakeholder Management platform, providing the client team with permanent access to rich visual data and reports for decision making and compliance.

This fully integrated strategic approach was designed to advance our client’s objectives and investment programme, protect and enhance its reputation, and secure its social licence to operate. 

The Outcome

We have been retained by the client since 2012, enabling our client to broaden their knowledge of the stakeholder universe and build strong relationships with the government. Our communications support contributed to the development of strong working relationships with the press, greater media coverage and less negative coverage. 

In 2021, we helped the client to secure a licence extension, and we continue to deliver on the combined strategic communications and stakeholder relationship management mandate. The client continues to use the InGauge platform which has developed over time to become a market leader, using collaborative AI to provide deep insights and support data driven engagement strategies.