Africa Practice
Markus Spiske

Informing investment decisions

Our client is a multinational telecoms operator with business interests across Africa. It was looking to establish a presence in several African countries through the acquisition of a local partner with an existing telecoms licence. Our client wanted to understand decision-making structures and integrity risks in the country’s telecoms sector as well as to conduct due diligence on the local company and the circumstances behind its licence acquisition.

Given the limited availability of public record information on the issues of concern, our team worked primarily through its source network to gain an understanding of key dynamics in the telecoms sector and insights relating to the reputation of the local business. Our findings were delivered in a concise written assessment, with accompanying phone briefings.

Our assessment enabled the client to improve its understanding of the stakeholder environment and to identify certain issues it needed to engage with in the acquisition process to mitigate integrity risks in relation to its local partner. The acquisition completed successfully.