Africa Practice

InGauge : Digital Stakeholder Engagement

Our clients operate in a world of competing interest groups and shifting political dynamics, where a zero sum mentality rarely yields long term competitive advantage – and sustained progress requires a capacity to understand and engage across the different actors and agendas in play.

Stakeholder engagement is simple in principle but successful engagement at scale can be challenging, especially across distributed teams and markets. We built InGauge to do the heavy lifting. Through a combination of digital technology and real world intelligence, the InGauge platform ensures our clients have the tools and information they need to map stakeholder networks and interests, plan and execute on strategy, and track and report progress using intuitive visual reports and analytics.

InGauge is tried and trusted by some of the largest and most influential organisations in Africa, across a range of business cases: 

  • governments and multinationals engaging on environmental and intra-regional trade policy 
  • an airline securing landing slots in new markets
  • a telecomms firm negotiating spectrum access
  • a mining firm securing social licence to operate
  • an international foundation rolling out a new pan-African partnership model. 

The tougher the engagement challenge, the more value the InGauge platform delivers.

If you would like to learn more or arrange a demo please use our contact form, referencing INGAUGE.