Africa Practice
Image by Tshekiso Tebalo from Pixabay

Managing unanticipated regulatory requirements

An investor in East Africa’s mining sector needed to address the risk posed by the unexpected introduction of onerous local content requirements which jeopardised the project’s imminent financial close. Beyond the initial threat, the company also sought to secure its long term social licence in a complex and dynamic stakeholder and regulatory environment.

We delivered targeted intelligence to understand the political and economic motivations for the introduction of the new regulatory requirements. We used InGauge to map and profile the key stakeholders involved, analysing their relationships, influence and position on the issues. This insight informed the development and execution of a stakeholder engagement strategy that included guidance on ways to intervene and escalate issues to critical stakeholders including the Solicitor General, Attorney General, Office of the President and relevant Cabinet Ministers. We provided ongoing intelligence and risk analysis, as well as policy, regulatory and legislative analysis and communications and sustainability advisory to build reputation and secure social licence to operate.

Mutual agreement from previously divergent positions on local content was secured, financial close was reached and the project is progressing on schedule.