Africa Practice

Regulatory engagement to mitigate commercial risk

Our client was a consumer-oriented solar energy business with operations across East Africa. Africa Practice had advised an investor in the business on reputational and policy risks around the investment. During the course of this due diligence exercise, a regulatory issue surrounding a change in tariffs on solar battery parts emanating from the East African Community (EAC) regional bloc was identified, posing a threat to the company’s business.

Africa Practice conducted investigations to better understand the motivations and actors behind the tariff change. This involved engaging our networks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Subsequently, we engaged with a range of stakeholders involved in the trade policy space to understand perspectives and intentions around the application of the changes. Africa Practice directly advocated for exemptions to the tariff change and advised our client on channels and messaging to ensure the tariff did not compromise the company’s business model, leveraging its positive reputation in the market. 

Our support helped our client to navigate a potentially serious commercial threat and ensure it did not face undue cost pressures.