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Marcus Courage

Marcus founded Africa Practice in 2003, motivated by a desire to drive more capital flows to and within Africa, and to co-create markets for the private sector to deliver goods and services to underserved communities. After more than 20 years working and travelling throughout Africa, Marcus has evolved into one of the continent’s most sought-after advisers on risk and reputation. He has counselled a dozen African heads of state, some of the continent’s largest donors, philanthropic foundations, and many of the biggest private sector operators.

Most of Marcus’s work today involves capacitating organisations to quantify value at stake and engage institutional decision-makers to co-create policies that foster innovation and catalyse investments, accelerate economic growth, strengthen resilience, and spur prosperity.

Before founding Africa Practice, Marcus served as director of international affairs for a NYSE-listed firm, helping governments and donors to galvanise support for policy reforms and realise public diplomacy goals.

Marcus holds a BA in Political Science from Manchester University. He speaks fluent French.

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