Africa Practice
Photo by Daniel Chen on Unsplash


The digital revolution is a major driver of change across African societies. Government and industries are investing in digital and data for more targeted market intelligence, reduced costs across the supply chain, accelerated product innovation and the chance of a new relationship with consumers and civil society more broadly.

But there are substantial challenges along the way. The competitive landscape is volatile; AI is creating huge new opportunities – and risks; legislative requirements are complex and unpredictable; networked customers and stakeholders increasingly vocal and demanding. Meanwhile lack of access to meaningful data and shortages of related data science skills slow progress towards evidence based policies and practice needed for climate mitigation and other immediate economic and social challenges.

Africa Practice is committed to working with Africa’s changemakers to enable better access to information and smart collaborative AI that’s designed around their needs – helping them to make sense of data, solve business challenges and invest in digital innovation for long term advantage.


  • Agile product management
  • Data and AI
  • Design thinking
  • Digital engagement
  • Leadership and organisational alignment
  • Social and media intelligence