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Public policy solutions

Navigate and shape policy systems through expertise and partnership

Africa is at the forefront of designing, testing, and implementing policies that embrace the people they are seeking to influence. Their hopes, aspirations and motivations.

1. Policy intelligence

Understand the complex environments in which policy decisions take place. Draw on timely insights, as well as an appreciation of the local written and unwritten rules, which determine how policy proposals progress. 

  • Legislative monitoring
  • Regulation deep dive
  • Legislative scenario building

2. Policy design

Develop actionable policy drafts that resonate and can make a real impact. Draw on technical and innovation expertise, as well as a deep understanding of local context.

  • Best-practice and policy innovation analysis
  • Regulatory and legislative gap assessment
  • Policy architecture design and testing
  • Legislation drafting

3. Change strategy

Design strategies for effective change rooted in a deep understanding of the key stakeholders, their behaviours, relationships and leverage points. Collaborate to build effective strategies that are supported and enabled by the ecosystem.

  • Grassroots and grasstops strategy
  • Change scenarios
  • Theory of change

4. Coalition building

Systemic impact requires collaboration. Build powerful and unexpected partnerships for policy change, based on trust and a joint vision. We connect unlikely actors and unusual allies to catalyse lasting change.

  • Partnership design and terms of engagement 
  • Position and objective alignment
  • Funding mobilisation 
  • Social investment project design

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