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The COP Africa needs: Perspectices from African Leaders in a Just Energy Transition

Marcus speaks to Rebekah Shirley, Director of Research, Data and Innovation at the World Resources Institute, about the challenges and opportunities that Africa faces in realising a just and fair energy transition.

Rebekah discusses the complexities of delivering energy access at scale on a continent where 560 million people don’t have access to electricity, and the importance of decentralising renewable technologies.

“For me, it’s not: ‘Either – will Africa be connected through decentralised renewables – or will it be connected through the big grid?’ It’s going to be both. In fact, the International Energy Agency’s latest projections for the continent show that while some think it might be 50%, or 55% of connections would be best served through decentralised renewables, as much as 45% would be delivered through the grid.”

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