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Global foundation

Confronting hunger, disease, gender inequality, and poverty


Our client

Our client is one of the world’s largest philanthropic organisations, with a multibillion-dollar commitment to support African countries and institutions to develop and implement innovative approaches to confront hunger, disease, gender inequality, and poverty.

The client’s mission

Since 2019, we have been retained by the foundation to provide its regional leadership with informed analysis and advisory on a range of critical issues, institutions, stakeholders and processes across West and Central Africa. We have a dedicated team of analysts and in-country consultants who monitor and analyse political, policy, budgetary, security, and sectoral developments across health, education, agriculture, and gender.

Our support

We channel our analysis in various formats for different audiences, providing deep dives when there are strategic needs. These have included country fragility assessments, a regional analysis of governments’ COVID-19 coordination in the health sector, and assessments of the operating environment in coup-affected countries in the Sahel.

  • Geopolitical analysis
  • Country and issue deep dive (including elections and other major political events advisory)
  • Political, economic, security and other market risk assessment
  • Stakeholder mapping and profiling 
  • Partner identification and profiling
  • Scenario-based planning
  • Actors, drivers, and triggers tracking

The results

We have helped our client forecast and respond to political, policy, budgetary and stakeholder issues on a granular level across multiple jurisdictions. Our analysis and insights have deepened our client’s understanding of both formal and informal influences driving decision-making and led it to adapt its approach to policy engagement.

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