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back to all insights |Published 25th Mar 2020

The coronavirus has spawned many collaborations between public, private and social sector actors coming together in new ways to support the most vulnerable. As H.E Cyril Ramaphosa said: “What we are witnessing is social solidarity in action.”

As we all work out how to operate in the ‘new normal’, here are five areas that businesses want to understand, keep abreast of and address:   

  1. Assessing country vulnerabilities: Qualitative and quantitative macro-economic scenarios for countries & sectors.
  2. Understanding government responses: Government measures, regulations and their effects (existing and pending).
  3. Determining exposure and risk: Value chain vulnerabilities, public and capital market sentiment.
  4. Developing shared advantage solutions: Operational solutions that address government and society needs.
  5. Advocating and communicating: Clear asks, offers and a strong support network to address public information needs and build resilience.

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Our Covid-19 monitor is designed to track regulatory announcements, monitor market signals, and assess evolving risks for your operations and investments.