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Shape the narrative and motivate action

Traditional activism is passé. Today’s generation responds to mobilisation when it speaks to their reality, hope and aspirations.

1. Narrative development and information design 

Craft powerful narratives that engage target audiences and motivate action. Our human-centred approach, rooted in local context and global best practice, ensures your content strategy is inclusive and accessible.

  • Positioning and narrative design
  • Human-centred and data-led storytelling
  • Multimedia and experiential communication 
  • Media training
Video content under 60 seconds is the preferred form for online research for 65% of GenZ. It creates new opportunities for stakeholder mobilisation, engagement and communication.

2. Mobilisation and campaigning 

We know that people respond to advocacy when it speaks to their reality and aspirations and uplifts their community. Win the support of champions and influencers who reach target audiences in their spaces and engage the media who shape opinion.

  • Call-to-action design 
  • Influencer and champion identification and activation 
  • Media and social media campaigning
  • Ecosystem strengthening and coordination

3. Stakeholder engagement 

Secure your social licence to operate through thoughtful and inclusive stakeholder engagement. We are experts at navigating complex formal and informal systems, and identifying the right channels and language for engagement. 

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy 
  • Stakeholder convening design and facilitation
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Meeting support (securing, preparing, conducting)