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Data and AI-powered insights

See hidden patterns and understand the drivers of change
400 million
Africa is often called the data-scarce continent. We couldn’t agree less. On a continent with 400 million youth and 400 million active social media users, it’s a matter of being curious and creative.

1. AI-supported monitoring and analysis 

Stay on top of critical developments and uncover emergent behaviours through our big data monitoring. We identify drivers, interpret signals, decipher their meaning and present you with actionable insights. 

  • Monitoring dashboards and alerts 
  • Stakeholder tracking 
  • Behaviour and sentiment monitoring 

2. Data-led investigations

Uncover unexpected insights through our access to the data journalism community, as well as expertise in state-of-the-art OSINT tools.

  • Dataset identification, sourcing and management (geospatial, multimedia, forensic)
  • Dataset analysis and visualisation 
  • Predictive analysis and decision support 

Case studies